Our Story

We are passionate about positively impacting our communities. We buy subsistence farmers’ produce at fair market rates, create employment for the local people through value-addition, and sell the finished products in markets previously inaccessible to these communities.

We are incorporated as Inagape Limited– a for-profit, Kenyan company founded on the idea of showing God’s love to others. Agape meaning love in Biblical Greek, we intentionally named the company “In love” to highlight the reason for our existence. We show love by creating economic opportunities and fostering hope through dignifying commercial transactions in places that have been dependent on de-humanizing aid and relief assistance.

Our co-founder worked in East Africa for 5 years with social enterprises and non-profit organizations. From this experience, she saw that trade, not aid, is the most sustainable and beneficial intervention for lower-income populations who deserve dignity and love.

We are committed to investing 50%+ of our profits back into the agricultural communities we work with.  This commitment determines who we take investment monies from, how we govern the corporation, and when we pay dividends.

Will you partner with us and buy our product? Can you spread the word about our product? Would you ask your favorite kiosks and shops to stock our product? Together we can promote Kenya and bring love, positive impact and dignity to all.